What are they looking for in an employer?

In today’s society the shortage of technical abilities has increased the difficulty for employers to find the perfect tech candidate. With highly specified technical skills required for many roles, finding the right person with the right experience can be a challenge. But a natural boost in the talent pools is coming upon us with Generation Z’s entering the tech industry. Young tech talent is entering the workforce at an extreme rate providing opportunities for employers to train and guide technically motivated individuals into the IT industry. 

While Millenials have always been seen to be the technical ones it’s in fact the Gen Z’s that will take over the tech industry.  The oldest members of the Generation Z group are born in 1995 meaning they are graduating from university and gradually entering the workforce. The fact this generation has grown up with the internet and technology allows us to assume that the majority are extremely technically minded providing a new pool of talent for the IT industry. Younger generations are also pursuing alternative methods of learning with 85% watching one online video per week to learn a new skill. This means the generation is learning earlier and quicker to enter the IT industry with more skills and experience than previous generations. https://select-resources.com/generation-z-and-millennials-in-tech/

What are Generation Z’s looking for in a tech company?

Presentation of technology

Being the original digital native generation 91% of Gen Z’s said that the technology of a company would impact their decision to work for them. For instance, a lack of mobile web pages, social media presence and online exposure could deter a Gen Z from working with the company. Research has found that when a Gen Z is researching a company, instagram is their first choice so if you’re not present on Instagram it would be advisable to sign up and attract this new talent pool entering the industry. https://www.mate-hr.com/post/generation-z-talents-are-entering-the-tech-sector-what-they-find-important 

Specific growth opportunities 

With the highly competitive, ever growing job market many Gen Z’s stated that they would prefer a job with ensured stability and growth opportunities. Being clear about the career path available for your candidate and the expectations they’ll need to meet to get there will go a long way into finding your talented Generation Z candidate. The main goal of a Gen Z within the workforce is to feel secure and stable within their role, in fact 60% said that feeling comfortable and secure within their work environment was more important than enjoying the tasks within the job role.

Working styles

Many Gen Z’s prefer to work individually rather than part of a team, this is not to say they don’t like the physical interaction but they generally prefer independence rather than isolation. This may be due to the changes in the way Gen Z’s learn, as previously mentioned  a vast majority learn new skills alone at home to enhance their hireability within the workforce, thus they’ll be more used to independent work than teamwork often experienced by previous generations.

Flexibility and independence

Flexibility within the workplace is not only a common goal in a gen Z employee but the new ways of working has increased the want and need for a hybrid work model and flexible working hours. Many Gen Z’s stated that flexible work hours was more important to them than a higher salary. So, it’s advised as an employer to offer a flexible work schedule agreed upon by both yourselves and your candidate is a great way to start a new rocking relationship with mutual respect and expectations understood. Furthermore, the hybrid work model ensures flexibility for both the candidate and the employer ensuring productivity is still a priority. 

Core Values

Due to a world of information being so accessible to this generation a company is no longer judged solely on their products or services to a consumer but by their core values and social impact. For instance, diversity and equality within the workplace as well as a high emphasis on employee wellbeing has never been more important to Gen Z’s. 

Education and Learning opportunities

With the cost of education rising and the impact student loans are having on many within society Gen Z;s are looking for learning opportunities elsewhere. As previously mentioned many are taking learning into their own hands through online tutorials and training. Therefore, a Gen Z candidate will likely be attracted to a company who encourages and potentially provide continuous  learning opportunities within their career.

Many Generation Z’s aren’t confident they’ll achieve a job in tech.

As the new generation of digital natives get ready to enter the workforce, it’s been found that less than a quarter are confident they will secure a job in the technology industry. In fact, Although 44% of women and 40% of men in Generation Z state they have good digital skills, those that can confidently say they will secure a job in technology are unfortunately a minority. 

Social media is the biggest influence of this generation therefore, many are being swayed into what is thought to be a more attractive position within the industry such as working with Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity and more than a quarter sustain their opinions of these subjects from the media rather than from their education. 

So, offering entry level roles such as internships and apprenticeships provide stable learning opportunities which from the research already mentioned is a priority for many Gen Z’s. This will not only benefit the candidate but also you as an employer allowing you to understand your candidates skills and support them in their learning journey whilst they travel to a full time tech position at your company. 

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