Telephone interviews are vital as one of the initial stages in the interview process. Since many recruiters conduct phone interviews to screen candidates and save time, a telephone interview is usually shorter than a face-to-face one. It may also be performed by someone not involved in the final hiring decision.

That said, a telephone interview is still an interview, and you must be prepared for it despite its relative informality.

In this article, we will give you tips on preparing for and acing a telephone interview, thereby increasing the chances of getting the job.

Top Tips For A Successful Telephone Interview

Here are some of the best tips to help you prepare for and ace your telephone interview.

1. Being Prepared Is Key

As the saying goes, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Although a telephone interview may be less formal than a face-to-face interview, you should still take the time to prepare for it. Review the job posting and research the company. Be prepared to discuss why you are interested in the position and how your skills and experience match the job requirements.

2. Be Ready To Pick Up On 2nd Or 3rd Ring

You want to make an excellent first impression, so make sure you answer the phone promptly as soon as it rings. Ideally, you should pick up on the second or third ring. If you let the call go to voicemail, the interviewer may think you are not interested in the job or are not organised enough to pick up the phone promptly.

3. Speak Clearly, And Have Impeccable Manners

Since the interviewer cannot see you, it is essential to speak clearly and with good manners. Being polite is even more critical. At the same time, be friendly, but not too familiar. Also, it’s a good idea to avoid using slang or filler words such as “um” or “like.”

4. Check Your Mobile Phone Signal, And If In Doubt, Use A Landline

If possible, use a landline instead of a mobile phone for your interview. This will help to ensure that there are no issues with reception or dropped calls. If you must use a mobile phone, ensure you are in an area with good reception.

5. Make Sure Your Phone Is Fully Charged

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do this! Ensure your phone is fully charged before your interview so you don’t have to worry about it dying in the middle of the conversation.

6. Ensure You Are Somewhere Quiet Where You Will Not Be Interrupted

You want to ensure the interviewer can hear you clearly, so find a quiet place to do the interview. If you are at home, try to find a room where you can close the door and eliminate any background noise. Turn off the television and turn off your phone notifications. If you have pets, ensure they are in another room or outside so they don’t make any noise during the interview.

7. Be Confident

Although the interviewer cannot see you, you must project confidence through your voice. Smile when you greet the interviewer and throughout the conversation. Try to build rapport by using friendly yet professional language.

8. Listen And Don’t Interrupt

Listen carefully and make sure you understand the question before you answer. Paying attention to what the interviewer is asking is just as important as what you are saying. It is also vital to avoid interrupting the interviewer. Let them finish speaking before you jump in with your response.

9. Practise Some Answers To Typical Interview Questions

Finally, it would be best if you had a general idea of what you will say in response to common interview questions. However, you don’t want to sound too rehearsed, so make sure your answers sound natural. Practise speaking slowly and clearly, without saying anything that’s robotic sounding.


Following the above tips, you can ace your telephone interview and take one step closer to landing your dream job. In addition, you’ll be better prepared if you are asked to do a face-to-face interview as a follow-up.